September 11, 2018

Present Problem Solving with SmartArt Graphics

Presenting problem-solving solutions in a clear and interesting way can be a challenge. PowerPoint has you covered. SmartArt gives you the tools to create versatile and professional graphics that can be customized to your presentation needs. Here are some of the different ways in which you can use SmartArt graphics in your presentation.

STAR Method

The American problem-solving technique STAR stands for situation, task, action, result. Originally used for job interviews, this method is also ideal to communicate ideas clearly and concisely. As the name implies, the graphic elements are arranged in a star shape.

How to Use SmartArt to Create a STAR Method Graphic

  • Create a slide using the Title and Content
  • Click the icon on the content placeholder to insert a SmartArt graphic.
  • In the dialog box, select Cycle on the left. From the graphics displayed on the right, select Diverging Radial. Confirm with OK.
  • Now enter your content in the text area.
  • Finally, you can customize the SmartArt graphic by changing the font size, colors, shapes, and so on.

Problem Solving as a Process

Generally speaking, problem solving describes processes, e.g., a sequence of steps, that ultimately lead to a solution. PowerPoint offers several ways to visualize these processes. By selecting Process in the SmartArt graphic dialog box (as described above), you can choose one of several graphics to display your process. For example, you can choose from one of several Arrow Process graphics, or you can visualize the process as a sequence of steps or as a staircase with the Step Up Process or Step Down Process. You can even visualize your problem solving as a formula by using the Equation Processes.

As you can see, PowerPoint offers a wide range of SmartArt graphics that are perfect for presenting problem-solving processes. Try out a few to see which one fits your approach and aesthetic. You can also find inspiration in our SmartArt toolbox!

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