December 17, 2015

Presentation Watch #2

Before the holiday break, we want to give you summary of interesting articles and videos you can kick back with. This time, the Twitter app, Periscope is in our focus as well as an article about things you should never say at work and five impressive TED talks that fit ideally with the holiday spirit.

The app Periscope allows Twitter users a real-time transmission of their video. Events can be recorded with the mobile device and are thereby tracked simultaneously by millions of viewers. By live broadcasts of presentations and lectures, there are different ways businesses and advertising can be implemented, as Steve Olenski explains in, What Is Periscope And How Can You Use It For Business Video Streaming? For many businesses, it could be well worth applying the Periscope app in their marketing strategy for 2016.

Are you getting ready for a new job in the New Year? Be careful of how you present yourself in front of your new colleagues and respond appropriately to the challenges ahead. Rachel Gillett lists 17 no-gos and things you should never say on your first day at work.

Ieva Asina will put you in the Christmas mood with her review of five inspiring TED Talks. The speakers all convey positive messages that move beyond harmony on just the holidays, but hope and peace in many different circumstances. We particularly liked, How can we make the world a better place by 2030 from Michael Green. He is dedicated to great problems of the world such as hunger, poverty, global warming, etc. and explains how we could get as far as possible with handling these global issues in the next 15 years.

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