February 3, 2016

Presentation Watch #4

This time on how to control PowerPoint from your phone, how to convince anyone in 30 seconds and what we can learn from Barack Obama’s speeches.

The free Android App, Office Remote allows you to use and control PowerPoint as also Excel and Word from your smartphone. The app includes many useful functions like having full control over your presentation. So go ahead and walk around, all you need is your phone to make it possible. You can even preview the next slide and blend in your notes as well as navigate through your slides and enjoy your flexibility while you present. Also included are a time keeper and a laser pointer. For those who were not yet familiar with the app, Harish Jonnalagadda gives an overview.


Convince the audience of your idea within just 30 seconds or less! That’s the goal of the “elevator pitch” (or “elevator presentation”), a short self-presentation about your own recent or current operation or project. Get 8 tips from the Business Insider on how to implement your “elevator pitch” successfully and best situate yourself in job interviews or networking events.

However technical you believe your topic may be, there is always a way to eloquently simplify without dumbing down the information. Perhaps one of the best examples to look at is last month’s State of the Union speech from President Obama addressing a whole aray of complex subjects including the economy, criminal justice, education, climate change and more. Maurice DeCastro notes some potent points we can take from Obama’s speech including authenticity, humility, storytelling, rule breaking, structure, quotes, pace, and examples. Read DeCastro’s blog in full and take a look at Obama’s speech yourself.



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