February 25, 2016

Presentation Watch #5

Learn now for your next PowerPoint presentation: how to switch slides in an impressive way, which presentation type you are and how your audience can internalize your message.

– Your movements can now achieve even more in your next presentation. The new Android app, Swoosh allows you to use hand movements with presentations. Move your finger to the left field of your smartphone and the next slide will appear, move to the right and the and it opens a previous slide. This tool works with many popular presentation software such as PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, Slidely, Emaye, Acrobat-Reader and Google Drive Presentations and only costs 2,18 € in the Google Play Store. Kim Rixecker has further details.

– Do you know what style of presenter you are? Mark Murphy, in his article, “Which of These 4 Presentation Styles Do You Have?” describes four basic types of speakers that are distinguished by their own presentation style: the scientist, the storyteller, the closer and the director. Curious what presentation style you have, what your benefits are and what to watch out for? Take this short quiz to evaluate your presentation type. Everyone who knows his/ her presentation style is closer to perfecting their communication.


– Imagine holding an elaborate presentation that you have prepared for days and then finding out sometime later that your audience has only retained a small fraction of the content you presented. This idea is not only frustrating, but often also true. Various studies show that the average listener forgets up to 90 percent of what was said. Neuroscientist, Nick Morgan gives various pointers on, “How to Craft an Unforgettable Presentation.” As for instance getting your audience to talk or make movement, can greatly help them recall the content of lectures and presentations.

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