April 4, 2016

P-Watch #7: Office Space, Showtime Tool, PowerPoint App

While surfing the World Wide Web once again, we compiled a few inspiring business and PowerPoint aspects for you including modern work spaces, a tool for integrating audience interaction in your presentation and an update of the PowerPoint mobile app.

Are you looking for creative ideas to organize your business space? Do you wish to change the dynamic of the office and build a vibrant space for your colleagues? Are you asking yourself which changes make sense? In the blog article, “The Future of the Office: 7 Innovative Ways Companies Are Changing the Workplace,” Lindsay Kolowich introduces fascinating and inspiring office designs. The impact of how it is laid out as well as the organization of the workplaces contribute to the office culture, productivity and business, and should not be underestimated. Innovative ideas, spontaneous and fertile collaboration can become the norm when colleagues are able to move freely between spaces and push tables together or spontaneously form Ad Hoc meetings. Kolowich’s article not only shows many different sample photos, but also contains the latest scientific studies on positive effects of modern work spaces.

An excellent presentation thrives on audience interaction. Alan Henry presents a tool that can be integrated into a presentation in his blog article, “Zoho Showtime Is a Live Web Presentation Tool for slideshows, Including PowerPoint.” The free “Showtime” tool for presentations from Zoho consists of three parts. In addition to the necessary plug-in for PowerPoint, there are two apps (used in iOS and Android), one for the audience and one for the lecturer. When the audience installs the Showtime app, they can go to the PowerPoint templates themselves and like it and refer to it while offline. They can scroll through the presentation and mark questions or comments. With this app, it is also possible for the moderator to see comments or questions and integrate them directly into the presentation slides and project them. During the presentation, the lecturer can navigate using his or her smartphone and can follow the activities of the audience. Afterwards, one can analyze the presentation looking at the comments, likes, and views.

There are a few new features available on PowerPoint when updating the Office applications of Windows 10 Mobile. The PowerPoint app is ideal for viewing PowerPoint templates on your mobile device or presenting from it. You can now also use your smartphone or tablet to take photos and insert them directly into your presentation or attach PowerPoint documents to the Home screen. An integrated automatic caching function and history allow changes to the file to be made and earlier versions to be saved. Also, the joining and simultaneous editing of a presentation by different users is possible.

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