August 5, 2019

PowerPoint Tip: Use Presenter View

PowerPoint’s Presenter View is the ideal companion tool for your presentation: It displays your speaker notes on your computer, while your audience is shown the notes-free presentation on another monitor.

Many Useful Functions

Presenter View offers numerous functions with which you can optimize and control the flow of your presentations:

  1. You can display your notes for each slide and use them as a script.
  2. You can always see the current slide number (e.g., slide 6 of 53).
  3. A preview image shows you the next slide.
  4. The timer shows you elapsed time.
  5. You can use the Pen tools to label, highlight and add to your slide content. These free-hand notes can then be saved.
  6. You can display a thumbnail with an overview of all your slides in the presentation.
  7. You can use the magnifying glass to highlight individual sections of the current slide.
  8. During breaks and discussions, you can show a black screen without having to switch off the projector.

How to Set up Presenter View

First, make sure the computer on which you’re running the presentation supports multiple monitors. This is indicated, for example, by multiple input ports, such as HDMI, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort.

To access Presenter View, check the Presenter View box in the Slide Show tab. Press F5 to start the presentation.



Normally, Presenter View is automatically displayed on the correct PC (yours). If it appears on the audience’s monitor, go to the Slide Show tab, click Monitor and select Primary Monitor from the drop-down menu. Presenter View should then run on your device.

Wishing you much success with your presentations!

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