October 10, 2017

Presenting Data in PowerPoint

Business presentations are often weighed down with data. We’ll show you a few tips on how to clearly display figures in your PowerPoint presentations and avoid data overload.

Data can’t be avoided in most presentations. We need to present user numbers, visualize key figures, and reference important statistics. But before you know it, your presentation consists of overloaded, data-heavy slides that even the most attentive audience can’t decipher. Read on for some ideas on how to present your data clearly and coherently.

Focus on Key Figures

First, always ask yourself whether the figures actually contribute to or underline your argument. If they don’t, leave them out.

Use Rounded Numbers Whenever Possible

Rounded numbers are easier to convey and much easier for an audience to remember. For example, instead using 89,230, write approx. 90,000.

Visualize Data

Infographics, images, and icons are a great way to visualize data. For instance, you could enhance production numbers with images of that particular product, or use a bar chart in apple form for sales figures of a certain apple variety. Using these graphics visually supports your data and builds a creative association for the audience.

Highlight Context and Comparative Figures

To help your audience understand your data, always make sure to provide context on both a verbal and visual level. Display comparative figures side-by-side and provide a clear verbal explanation.

Use Infographics Instead of Tables

Instead of filling tables with data, use infographics to clearly communicate and explain key figures. Take care not to add too much data to the graphic, and use images that relate to the figures whenever possible.

Stick to Two-Dimensional Diagrams

Although 3D diagrams are visually appealing and are a great way to attract an audience’s attention, their use in data-heavy presentations is limited. 2D diagrams are less likely to distort ratios and are generally easier to grasp.

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