August 9, 2016

Quo vadis? – Defining the Goal of Your Presentation

The Chinese philosopher Laozi once said “only he who knows his goal finds the way.” This bit of wisdom can also be applied to creating presentations. If you know why you are holding a presentation and who you want to reach, you can find the right solutions to impress your audience.

The 5 W questions are a great guideline to follow when preparing your presentation. They include the following:

Who is holding the presentation? Does your audience already know you? Would it be useful to have a short introduction about the speaker?
When are you holding your presentation? Do you have sufficient time to prepare? Are you racing against the clock and need support?
Which topic are you going to be talking about?
What can your audience expect?
Why this topic?
Where will your presentation take place? Do you have the necessary presentation equipment such as projectors, screens, etc.?
How are you going to convey your key message? Have you considered techniques such as storytelling or putting on a special slide design?

Together with the team at PresentationLoad, you can clearly define the objective of your presentation and find the best way to achieve your goal. Through consultation and analysis of your theme, you will gain ideal preparation for a successful presentation. With templates that have a fitting design and tone, you can easily win over colleagues, managers and customers.

Our design and consulting services include…

– exploring your key messages
– concept and structure of your content
– collection of ideas for storylines / storytelling
– design concepts tailored to your corporate identity
– search & selection of suitable design elements
– optimizing your presentation style
– preparation of master templates & slide libraries
– workshops and coaching

Need content and design inspiration for your next business presentation? We would be more than happy to help you find a solution!

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