February 19, 2015

Presentationload Shop Update

We have completely redesigned our online shop to make it more user-friendly and to include a large number of new and innovative products.  The user awaits better performance, a neater design, larger images and more information about our products.

Customers Can Await the Following Benefits:

  • Faster operation by an accelerated search and loading times
  • Simplified ordering process optimized by a more user friendly product overview
  • More efficient selection by larger thumbnails and extended product descriptions
  • Higher surf comfort on mobile devices through an optimized responsive design

Short Descriptions

  • Product descriptions in the table give a quick overview of the content
  • With a simple click the product can be added to your cart

Picture 2

 Newly-Structured Product Page

  • Larger product images better show the quality and content of our templates
  • Overview of product information such as price per slide, reviews, etc.

Picture 3

We hope you enjoy browsing our new shop. Take a look now and see for yourself! We always enjoy hearing from you and getting your feedback.

Hope to see you soon,

the PresentationLoad Team

Check out the PresentationLoad PowerPoint Shop

Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. Great update, i like the better image quality and increased speed…good work

  2. Thank you, Marc! We’re working hard to satisfy our customers. Glad to hear that it’s worth it!


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