November 24, 2014

SlideRide: The Zooming Presentation Tool of PowerPoint

SlideRide – A simple tool which literally adds a new dimension to your PowerPoint presentations. Show the map of your ideas by freely positioning and sizing your slides in the space of SlideRide. In minutes your PowerPoint slide show can become a giant poster, an infographics or a Prezi style visual journey with a touch of vibrancy and dynamism through SlideRide’s zoom and motion effects. Now available as download at our online shop.

SlideRide - PowerPoint

Wake Up Your PowerPoint Presentation

Bye-bye boring PowerPoint presentations! Once you experienced the dynamic, free space of SlideRide, a traditional slide show will seem like walking in a long, one-way underground channel. Breathe life into your presentation with targeted zoom and motion effects.

SlideRide is a standalone Windows Desktop application which you can use without an internet connection and works together with PowerPoint. Any time you make changes in your PowerPoint presentation your SlideRide will refresh at once. Download this app from our business partner’s website, it is easy to install on your computer.

For a first impression, download the unlimited free trial here or feel free to contact our partner at our partner at [email protected]

For a first impression, download the free trial here.

A Whole New Perspective of Storytelling

Imagine your PowerPoint sized and positioned in a free space. In SlideRide one PowerPoint slide can contain 100 others: You can show the big picture of your story and zoom in on topics, you can show a master plan, an organization, a project schedule, a process or even a butterfly and dynamically zoom in on the description of fine details.

What’s more: During a SlideRide presentation you are not limited to click “next” but you can switch between alternative storylines according to your audience’s preference.


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Have Your First Visual Journey in Just 30 Min

The power of SlideRide lies in its simplicity so you will understand it in 5 min and will produce your first SlideRide in 30 minutes. Its “help” fits on a single slide since its essential functions are solely:

  • Opening a PowerPoint presentation;
  • Selecting, positioning, sizing slides;
  • Switching between PowerPoint and SlideRide
  • Saving the SlideRide map into the PowerPoint file or as an off-line website;
  • Launching your presentation, jumping between slides and zooming.

Images: SlideRide

Author: Zoltan Hegedus

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