September 26, 2017

Storytelling in Presentations: Develop Exciting Stories

A presentation should always tell a story. Communicating your message in a creative way will help you connect with your audience, and your message will stay with them long after the presentation is over. Here are two tips on how to create the right dramaturgy for your presentation.

Visual Storytelling

Compelling presentations have more images than words. Pictures can evoke memories and stimulate creativity. Look through your personal collection for images that share or underline the theme of your presentation. If you can’t find any matching pictures, you can browse through countless stock photo sources. Let photos stimulate your creativity. Think about analogies that will breathe life into your presentation. Jot down a few key words describing what you want to convey in your presentation and use those in your image search. The right pictures trigger emotions in an audience, leave a lasting impression, and help convey your narrative.

Informal Stories

If you’re having a hard time finding the right images, look to everyday life for inspiration. You can even develop and shape your presentation idea by bouncing ideas off your friends and family. Such a conversation could provide you with an everyday story that will really resonate with your audience. The best anecdotes are personal and relevant. Don’t recycle someone else’s story or use an anecdote that doesn’t drive your message home with the audience. Get out there and let everyday situations and anecdotes inspire your presentation.


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