September 22, 2016

A Style Guide Can Transform Your Business

When a company first gets its feet on the ground and has only one designer, you might question the importance of a style guide. But as the business grows and you have more visuals and presentations, a style guide becomes an absolute necessity. If you are not yet convinced about implementing a style guide, then read on…

Why Use a Style Guide?

The unique look and feel of your company brand should always be present and consistent through every visual you show, online and offline. When you find yourself listening to a presentation and  notice the company is represented slightly different each time, you can be sure your clients and leads will label your presentation as unprofessional. This can creep into any business, whether big or small, and can even affect freelancers. A style guide is the answer to this problem.

Say you have one designer responsible for all visuals on your website, business cards, logo, and presentations. Once your business grows and you hire a new designer, your go-to designer will need to spend a considerable amount of time giving detailed design explanations and proofing the new colleague’s work. It would be significantly easier if you had a PowerPoint style guide to hand your new colleague that explained everything they need to know: color, logo placement, fonts, and sizes.

A style guide will ensure your quality stays consistent and is not affected by designers or colleagues with less PowerPoint knowledge.

When you have multiple people creating presentations, there will be at best some consistencies.  Without a style guide, there is no way they can create consistent professional brand presentations! With simple instructions from a style guide, anyone in the company can make a professional presentation that is fit to your logo and design.

If you are a freelancer working with different clients, a style guide will make it easy to return to work you’ve done without the trouble of digging through files. Just pull up one document – your style guide – and ensure consistent quality work.

PowerPoint style guide

What’s in a Style Guide?

All style guides have some basic information but vary in details depending on what the company needs and the complexity of the brand. The basics of a style guide include fonts, colors, a mix of different layouts including logo placement and staff instructions.

PresentationLoad offers a style guide service including the following:

–    Requirements for the corporate design.
This includes all corporate identity elements such as a grid, layout, fonts, and colors.

–    Templates and master layouts.
Instructions for handling your templates and master layouts.

–    Designing dos and don’ts.
Examples of well-designed presentation slides in your corporate design.

–    PowerPoint tips from professionals.
Additional professional tips for media integration and optimal settings.

Go Professional

Implementing a style guide can help save you not only time and money, but frustration down the road.  It can ensure that your brand is well-represented, it simplifies the creation and editing of presentations and makes marketing materials easier to maintain.

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