June 17, 2013

Test Microsoft Office 2013 – Download

With the publication of Office 2013, Microsoft has added a new version to its Office-Software. The expectations were high – many users asked themselves if a purchase is worth the money. According to test reports, buying Office 2013 is especially worthwhile for those using Windows 8 or Office mobile. Office 2010 can still be seen as the main contender to Office 2013.

Microsoft 2013 however has many interesting improvements especially designed to work for mobile devices. Social Media has also been integrated.

It is possible, for example, to access Office documents by ways of Cloud Service and Sky Drive from everywhere in the world (given an internet access is provided). This way multiple users may work on the same document without interfering with each other. With commentary functions, a direct communication between the users can be very helpful. Documents may be shared via social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition PowerPoint presentations and YouTube videos may be published. Outlook also retrieves status reports from social media channels and collects them for the user – thus through accessing Outlook one gets an overview of all the information needed.

Office 2013 is installed via stream – making it possible to use some programs already while downloading the rest of the data. Office 2013 also comes in a new design similar to Windows 8. The 16:9 format is the new standard version and because of the Modern UI, the entire Software is optimized for mobile devices with touchscreens such as tablets or smartphones.

Of course you may verify and test the product with the official test version by Office Professional Plus 2013 in 32-bit and 64-bit versions – in various languages from German, Arabic, English and French to Russian.

After the download you have 60 days to download the software with various features and no costs. Enough time to test everything and create your first PowerPoint presentation. Pre-designed templates for PowerPoint can be found at PresentationLoad.

Download the free trial here

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