November 17, 2015

Tweak Picture Colors with Animations

Make the old new or visually refer to the past, present or future. For example, use a black and white picture (for the old or past) and animate it to change color (representing a new state or the future). PowerPoint has numerous options to liven your presentation with a little color and animation. Check out this video to jump start your own ideas for your presentations. Happy animating!



  1. Insert a picture in your presentation.
  2. Duplicate the image (Ctrl + D).
  3. Select the new image and click on format, color, and change color saturation.
  4. Place the two images exactly on top of each other.
  5. Place the black and white image into the background (right click and “send to back”).
  6. Click on the color image, animations, and choose an animation.
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  1. I am interested , becouse so good


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