June 23, 2017

Upgrade Your Presentation in Five Steps

Creating informative yet concise presentations is no easy feat. And don’t forget, your presentation should also pack a visual punch. We’ll show you how to spice up your presentation with these five easy-to-follow tips.

Five Steps to a Better Presentation


Fonts: Carefully selecting the right custom font is worth the extra effort. Choosing the right font is a bit like choosing the right outfit – it’s what people tend to notice first, providing that all-important, first impression of your presentation design. So take the time to explore what fonts present your content in the most effective way. You can find plenty of free sources online, as well as professionally designed fonts for any budget.

Images: Always use professional images that support your message clearly and effectively. Say goodbye to uninspired clipart or stock images, and instead go for well-staged pictures with high resolution.

Diagrams, Forms, and Info Displays: When it comes to conveying your content, clear-cut infographics, pictograms, and graphs can be powerful allies. PowerPoint makes creating simple yet effective graphics a breeze. When it comes to diagrams, make sure to choose the type most appropriate for communicating your data.

Templates: Even if your presentation has specific requirements and you know you’ll be making a lot of changes, ready-made templates can be a good starting point. They provide a coherent design with coordinated fonts, image material, and diagram templates. PresentationLoad templates also provide ideas and starting points for content.

Add-Ins: Add-ins expand PowerPoint’s functionality by adding custom features and commands. No matter what your needs are, or what version of PowerPoint you are using, add-ins are great tools for creating engaging and dynamic presentations.

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