March 6, 2018

Using and Editing Videos in PowerPoint

PowerPoint offers a variety of functions that allow you trim, add effects, or use your video as a background. In this article, we’ll show you a few different editing, playback, and effect options to make your videos pop.

You can easily integrate videos into PowerPoint presentations (for more information, click here: Insert Videos into PowerPoint. However, a lot of users aren’t aware that PowerPoint has many video editing features. PowerPoint also offers certain playback control features and video effects.

How to Edit/Trim Video

If your video is too long, you can trim the beginning or end with PowerPoint’s editing functions. Click the video and go to Video Tools > Playback > Trim Video.  Drag the green marker to where you want the video to start and the red marker to where you want it to end. Click Play to preview the video and click OK when you are finished trimming. You won’t lose the parts of the video you trimmed and you can always drag the red and green markers back to their original positions.

How to Add Effects

Click the video and go to Video Tools > Format. In the Adjust group, you will find the following options.

Correction: adjust the brightness and contrast of your video.

Color: recolor your video.

Poster Frame: select a frame from the video or a picture from a different source. The Poster Frame is what you will see first when you open the containing slide. Clicking it will start video playback.

You can also change your video to any shape PowerPoint offers under Video Shape.

Use Video as Background

You can also insert a video background in Slide Master View. In addition, you can easily place content over the video. Unfortunately, PowerPoint doesn’t offer the ability to continuously play a video across multiple slides. The video only plays on the active slide and starts from the beginning on each subsequent slide.

Supported Video Formats


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