January 15, 2020

Creative Ways to Present Videos in PowerPoint

Videos in presentations are almost always shown in landscape format.  This really doesn’t have to be the case, though. PowerPoint allows videos to be displayed in a multitude of formats, and it’s very easy to change the way you display your video, making it stand out from the crowd.  A range of presentation options allows you to emphasize the content of your presentation, sure to grab your audience’s attention. Adding effects and changing around colors can really make your videos look more interesting.

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It really is easy to insert videos into PowerPoint – here’s how!

Click on the Insert tab.

Then click on Insert Video and select either video from your computer or from the internet.

Click on Insert Videos.

That’s it!

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Video Shapes

Click on your video; the Video Tools tab will appear.

Under Format, select the Video Shape command and choose the shape you want.

There is a great range of options at this point; possibilities include a circle, a speech bubble, and a marker on a map (combining circle and teardrop shapes).

Add An Extra Dimension

Make your videos leap out from the screen with exciting 3D effects: wonderful for livening up product presentations, for example. Here’s how:

On the Video Tools / Format tab, click on Video Effects then select 3D Rotation.

With just one click you can present your video in a range of different and eye-catching 3D formats.

Convert Your Video to a Black-and-White Movie

Turn your PowerPoint slides into a virtual flat screen on which to play your video. Wonderful for livening up product presentations, for example. Here’s how:

On the Video Tools / Format tab, under Video Effects, select Monitor, Gray.

Right-click on the video to select Format Video and adjust the 3D rotation.

These three suggestions mean that you can use a bit of creativity to make your videos in PowerPoint presentations stand out from the crowd.  A few simple clicks, as shown above, can add that extra touch of visual interest which engages and captures your audience.

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