April 26, 2013

World Wish Day 2013: Celebrate with us and grant wishes

Hope and courage for little patients

On the 29th of April 2013 the Make-A-Wish-Foundation celebrates the World Wish Day for the fourth time in a row. The World Wish Day was founded in 2010 with the aim to draw attention to the Foundation’s charitable work. For over 30 years now the Make-A-Wish Foundation has committed itself to granting wishes of children with life-threatening diseases. The Foundation’s intent is to lighten the burden of a child’s sometimes long period of suffering and convalescence. Granting a heart’s wish not only brings smiles to the 3-18 year old children, but also gives them energy to continue fighting against their illnesses.

Grant a heart’s desire

It all started with the cancer patient Christopher James Greicius whom was granted a heart’s desire: On the 29th of April 1980 he was allowed to become a police officer for a day and even flew in a helicopter. This inspiring story on the 29th of April launched a movement and was the basis of the Foundation’s World Wish Day – on this day young patients from all over the world get their one big wish granted. All the national and regional Make-A-Wish organizations of the United States are involved. All in all, the World Wish Day is celebrated in over 47 countries all over the world.
Celebrate this special day and become a part of the charitable World Wish Day campaign. Read up on the details of the 29th of April on the official website www.worldwishday.org and learn how you can support the Foundation with donations.


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